Watch Autonomous Race Car Do A Very Human Thing And Crash Into A Wall


No matter the marketing, fully self-driving vehicles do not exist and likely won’t exist en masse for several more years. Navigating jammed-packed highways, narrow side streets, and quiet tree-lined neighborhoods with perfection is hard enough on a clear, sunny day. Add snow, rain, and erratic drivers, and you’ll begin to see the monumental task that lies ahead for automakers. It’s even a challenge for racing teams looking to take autonomy to the track.

A new video of today’s Roborace event, a sister series to Formula E, shows one autonomous race car having a very bad start. The short clip shows the car, part of the SIT Acronis Autonomous racing team, at a stop before beginning to take off, except it doesn’t drive straight, following the sweeping curve. Instead, it turns right and drives directly into the wall with force. A red piece of the…

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