Watch Chevy Corvette C8 Share Laguna Seca With Hypercars


The Corvette C8 seems like a great all-around sports car. It’s happy to cruise around or can put down impressive times at the drag strip. This video from Speed Phenom demonstrates that the new ‘Vette excels on the track, too.

Speed Phenom heads to a track day at Laguna Seca, and there’s a lot of impressive machinery there. There are even some full-on race cars like a Ford Mustang GT4 and some Ferrari Challange competitors. Presumably, they’re there to finetune setups, while folks like Speed Phenom are just at the circuit to have some fun.

During his first stint, the track is surprisingly empty. He passes a Lotus Evora, but otherwise, Speed Phenom seems to have the track to himself. He uses the opportunity to open up the ‘Vette and is…

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