Watch Corvette C8 Pushed Hard At COTA By SCCA Champ John Heinricy


There are already lots of videos showing what the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 can do on the drag strip, but this clip is our first view of how the car does around a race track, specifically the Circuit of the Americas. Hennessey took its C8 there and put John Heinricy behind the wheel. He has earned an impressive 15 titles in the Sports Car Club of America, including several of those behind the wheel of a ‘Vette. 

Heinricy’s best lap during this session is 2:33.60, and it seems like a drama-free experience. He’s not kicking the tail out or doing any big drifts. The looks like an effort to put down a clean, quick lap for Hennessey to get a baseline of what the new Corvette can do.

Unfortunately, the Circuit of the Americas is not a…

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