Watch The Livestream Here [UPDATE]


Update: The livestream is over but you can rewatch the action at the video above. An article with details on the new MX-30 is here.

Mazda sold the MX-3 between 1991 and 1998, but the MX-30 we are about to see live from the Tokyo Motor Show has absolutely nothing to do with four-seater sports coupe. That’s because it’ll take the shape of a crossover set to go down in history as the company’s first mass-produced EV. It will follow the 2012 Demio EV (Mazda2 in Japan), which was a shy attempt from Mazda to embrace zero emissions as very few cars were built and all were available only with a lease.

Back to the MX-30 at hand, an official image of the electric crossover has escaped onto the Internet, rendering Mazda’s unusually long teaser campaign a bit useless. The coupe-like roofline promised by the Japanese marque is immediately noticeable,…

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