Watch This Ford GT GTE Pro Wobble Its Way Up Goodwood [UPDATE]


Update: The original article incorrectly stated this was the new track-only Ford GT Mk II. It is actually a Ford GT GTE-Pro race car.


Ford’s racing days with its GT supercar are over, but there’s a rather significant consolation prize for those with $1.2 million and serious connections to the top brass at Dearborn. We’re talking of course about the recently revealed Ford GT Mk II, which is currently on both static and dynamic display at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s not the only GT in attendance, however, as evidenced by this cool-but-wobbly effort from this race-spec GTE model.

Our first impressions? Honestly, perhaps a short hill climb isn’t the best place for this beast, at least without some additional tweaking. As you’ll no doubt notice in the video, the GT darts left and right a lot. We can only assume something is…

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