We Had A Go In The Giulia Quadrifoglio From ‘6 Underground’


Explosions, explosions, and more explosions – what do you expect in a Michael Bay film? The 54-year-old director has been known in making heart-pumping action sequences that never seem to stop, and “6 Underground” wasn’t spared of his signature.

So, what gives? Why are we writing about a Michael Bay film?

Well, this green Giulia Quadrifoglio deserves your attention. The film, which stars Ryan Reynolds as One – a vigilante billionaire who took social justice into his own and six other guys’ hands – also stars this Italian super sedan in the high-octane parts of the movie.

Featured in an oddly long car chase scene, the Giulia was technically abused in 6 Underground, side-winding in the streets of Florence, Italy. Peculiarities…

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